Becoming a Member of the Canadian Tour

To become a member of the Canadian Professional Golf Tour players must compete in Qualifying School.

In 2012 there will be only one Qualifying School held on the Canadian Tour.  This Qualifying school will be held at the Country Club at Soboba Springs and the Oak Valley Golf Club in Southern California from May 8 - 11, 2012.  For information and to enter the 2012 Canadian Tour Qualifying School - click here

Number of Spots Awarded

In 2012 the Canadian Tour will be awarding a record number of Cards to participants in Qualifying School.  The top 30 finishers will earn fully 'exempt' status for the 2012 Season with the next 30 + Ties earing 'non-exempt' status.
Exempt Status
Successful Qualifiers who earn Exempt Status can enter and play in any Full Field event they choose.
Some Canadian Tour events have limited fields.  Eligibility for these Restricted Field Events (e.g. Tour Championship, Team Matches) is based on the Order of Merit (Money List) as of a certain date.
Non-Exempt Status
Successful qualifiers who earn non-exempt status are ranked based upon their finish at their respective qualifying school and qualify for events based upon their ranking number.  A non-exempt member may have to qualify to earn a spot into an event.  Non-exempt members can improve their ranking within the membership by winning a tournament (would obtain exempt card) or within the non-exempt category through a minimum of two planned re-shuffles (based on the OOM) during each Tour season.
Entry Fees
The Member Entry Fee for Canadian Tour events is $450.00.
Membership Fees
Successful Qualifiers must also pay the Annual Membership Fee of $525.00. This is a yearly fee paid by all members of the Canadian Tour prior to the beginning of each season.


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Qualifying School - USA EAST Site
April 13-18

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QSMembership Info
Pos. Player Thru Total
1 United States Ryan Brehm 12:29PM E
2 United States Daniel McCarthy 12:29PM +1
3 United States Richard McDonald 12:07PM +2
T4 United States Bruce Woodall 12:07PM +3
T4 United States Jeff Dennis 12:18PM +3
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